Aug. 25th, 2010

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The Six Reasons Jaime Reyes Is Still With Us, or, Pebbles on Ted Kord's grave

I don't think this is as rare as it's made out to be, so you needn't offer medals, but I adore both Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle III) and Ted Kord (his adorkable dead predecessor). And having finally, months after everyone else, read the superbly provocative "Racial politics of regressive storytelling" at Comics Alliance, I want to ramble on and on about something: why, unlike the numerous legacy characters that essay discusses, hasn't Jaime been bumped off to bring Ted back? I mean, Jason Rusch is dead(ish) so Ronnie Raymond can come back? I've got to think there are more Ted-lovers out there than there were people clamouring for the return of Ronnie Raymond. So why's Jaime still going strong (except for, you know, his book getting shitcanned and his backup feature getting cancelled and not even being in bloody Teen Titans any more and yeah, the new JLI, that's not going to be a poisoned chalice) while Ted is lying unremembered in the dirt at Vanishing Point? What makes Jaime immune (or is it, what makes Ted unsaveable)?

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