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I'm basically Pollyanna with a grudge.

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(naked) stake-outs, (naked) take-outs, alan hollinghurst, all about the coat, apollo, armistead maupin, aston villa, batman vs. wolverine, being a hack, bill adama, blue beetle, bohumil hrabal, booster gold, brian k. vaughan, buddy cop dynamics (slashable), buddy cop dynamics (unslashable), cambridge, car chases, cargo cults, civil liberties, coen brothers, comic books, coming back wrong, contempt for su doku, crime_is_my_main_course, crushes, cryptic crossword, css, ctrl+z, cult anything, dan savage, daniel craig, david mitchell,, detroit cobras, dibnys, ed brubaker, england/france otp, facebook gossipmongering, fanpersonism, feminism, field_of_the_cloth_of_gold, fourth wall remaining intact, gallic shrugs, garth ennis, gay rights, genre/pastiche otp, geoff dyer, getting a headache, gin and bitter lemon, gloom, gonzo noir, gumshoes, guy gardner, harappan civilization, hart crane, having wrong opinions, heroes sans powers, history of biology, hugh laurie, impending doom, inanna, jaime reyes, james ellroy, jazz killers, jerome k. jerome, johnny cash, joseph skvorecky, justice league international, kanye, kate beaton, kicking off of heads, la confidential, making it up, matthew parris, michael tolliver, mochi, my pub quiz team, naming as-yet-unwritten novels, natural history, nebbishy dorks with superpowers, nightshifts, niles crane, nite owl, not only slash, o_brother_where_art_thou?, obnoxious bisexuality, overenthusiasm, panopticism, paper tigers, papillon, pathological optimism, paul gauguin, people called max, publicly accompanying my ipod, pulps, queen, recidivism, reclaiming the adverb, redrafting, regeneration trilogy, rehabilitating cliches, reluctant heroes, rem except for "monster", research, robert keable, ronald firbank, ruining everything, sartre was emo, scans_daily bunfights, secret agents, secretly missing the nineties, seventies movies with guns, sherlock holmes, six feet under, some like it hot, sometimes being offline, st pancras railway station, stella, steve mcqueen, subtext, sulking, superheroes, taciturn borderline-psychotic bastards, tales of the city, ted but also jaime, ted kord, that's not a sacrum, the authority, the batman, the definite article, the midnighter, the other david mitchell, the raconteurs, the times's relentless tabloidness, the wire, thor heyerdahl, trains, trying to vote labour, unabashed sluttery, unacknowledged love affairs, valiant efforts, vorenus owns you now, war poets, warren ellis, white elephants, wikipedia, willful obscurantism, yorick brown, zohar lazar
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